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Home Help Search Login Register. Code: [Select]. Noquarter Member Posts: Thanks man. Going to be experimenting with DPI levels and curves on this game tomorrow so will give these a try and feedback.

Sorry, I am new to advanced settings but trying to learn. What are the pictures on the left that shows something disabled? Thanks for sharing. Yokem Member Posts: Sorry to be a bother, but can you go into detail on sprint switch and how do you allow that to occur?

And what do you mean by delay? I'm new and any detailed instructions would be very helpfil. Thank you. Just went flawless in Destiny 2 trials of the Nine with these settings. Hey, Thanks for your settings I have some minor questions tho. First of all I have the activation button for sprint on shift, when releasing shift does it goes back to hip settings?

Or do you have to press shift again? Also which activation key do u use for vehicle mode? And which polling rate mouse settings etc is the best for this config? Greetings, A Guardian.

Stellt euch mal vor... DESTINY

Mark Member Posts: If so then boost takes a range ofi. If you're not using Steady Aim, then those boost values aren't doing anything, as boost was the way in which a Steady Aim slider was applied in these experimental builds.

SMF 2.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. They should display the abilities of the Deathsingers' abilities, the one that they can teleport you into the area where you can't move and you're killed by the Thrall. Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Hive Home Their homeworld is called Fundament. They reside under Earths Moon. The Moon in a huge underground fortress known as The Hellmouth.

Biography Hive are an undead race in Destiny who travel in spaceships that serve as tombs. They battled humans at the end of the Golden Age ; they wear encrusted armor which gives them the appearance of undead royalty. They are seen using swords, claws and projectile weapons.

They also use optical enhancements, plasma weapons and seemingly also abilities. Long before their arrival on Earth, on their home world Fundamentthree sisters, the daughters of Fundament,'s ruler were exiled after their father, the Osmian King, was overthrown by a traitor, Toax. They were Aurash, Sathona and Xi Ro. They went underground where they found the Worm Gods of Fundament.

The Worm Gods wished to form a pact with the sisters and in return they will grant them God-like power. So, the sisters agreed. Xi Ro's love for conquest turned her into the knight morph, Xivu Arath, who promised to always test her strength.

She promises to always be cunning. No armor, eyes and visible bones in some places.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Knights are large Hive who wield large swords or boomer cannons. Acolyte the primary Hive foot soldiers. They wear optics equipped helmets, lack claws and wield energy based weapons. Wizards are flying enemies who use ranged combat. They wear ornate and ancient armor and a long cloak.

They hover in the air and use magic based abilities in combat. SwordBearer are a knights that spawn randomly on earth and moon, they are similar to the normal knight but have arc shields and killing them drops their sword that can be picked up for bounties.

Gatekeepers are knights found in the 2nd phase of Crota's end raid, they are a little larger and only die when hit by a sword. Deathsinger is a wizard found in the 3rd phase of the raid. Crota is the final boss in the Crota's end Raid. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting? Submit Submit Close. Load more.In fact, the lore contained within the Grimoire cards provides context to the events of the main game. This lengthy prose provides a history of the Hive, the Ahamkara, the Darkness, the Vex, and more.

The Books of Sorrow start in an ancient time of the universe, long before the events of the game and the history of the Earth's Golden Age and the Collapse by introducing the race that would become the Hive, a two-legged, two-armed, three-eyed species that live on the giant planet known as Fundament.

Fundament is covered in water, and the living creatures on the world live on floating landmasses. The story of the Books of Sorrow zooms in to focus on a specific nation of these aliens, known as the Osmium Kingdom, as that is the specific kingdom from which Oryx originated.

She has two other sisters, Xi Ro and Sathona. At this time, he studies ancient texts and raves about a coming cataclysmic wave caused by the alignment of the moons around Fundament.

Taox, the queen, looks at the Osmium King and believes he and the princesses are unfit to rule the Osmium Kingdom, so she tips off a rival nation, the Helium Drinkers, and tells them to invade the Osmium Kingdom and kill the king and princesses. The Helium Drinkers invade, but are only able to kill the king. The princesses flee.

Destiny: Calcified Fragment VII

Aurash, Xi Ro, and Sathona take a blood oath that they will avenge their father, kill Taox, and regain control of their kingdom. Once the moons moved, the bulge would be released, causing a wave big enough to wipe out the entire Osmium Kingdom and species.

Aurash wants desperately to save her race from this devastation. As they grow older, five years at this point, they desire to find a way to live longer so they can accomplish their objective. As the Osmium princesses dive through the sea in their ship, they come across a giant creature known as the Leviathan.

This creature tells the sisters. Aurash responds to the Leviathan saying that only death awaits them back on the surface. The sisters ignore the Leviathan's warnings and they listen to the whisper of the worm that is leading them into the deep.

There in the deep is a group of Ahamkaracalled Worms in the Books of Sorrow. In a stunning display of power, one Ahamkara protects Aurash and keeps her alive as she walks out on the hull of the ship. The catch: the worms will hunger and they must be fed or they will consume the sister in whom they live.

The Ahamkara says that the sisters must never cease to obey their nature: Aurash must explore and inquire, Xi Ro must always test her strength, and Sathona must never abandon her cunning. The sisters each allow the symbiotic worms into their bodies, making them immortal and giving them power. The trio boards their ship and take with them worm larvae to take back to their species, which transforms their entire race into the Hive.

Aurash takes the king morph and becomes Auryx Oryxthus becoming a male. Xi Ro takes the knight morph and becomes Xivu Arath. They pursue Taox across the planet, committing genocide, wiping out every species in their path. They discover that Taox has fled to one of the moons around Fundament and gains refuge with a space-faring race known as the Ammonites. It is the Travelerand it is what caused the moons to align and sent the God-Wave. Auryx takes his sword and kills a hundred of his children, and his power grows.

The campaign against the Ammonites continues as the Hive battle them on the moons of Fundamnet.

xi ro destiny

In the hunt for Taox, Auryx meets with the Ammonites to bargain for Taox. The Books of Sorrow can be read in their entirety here. What do you think of Destiny 's lore? Does knowing it make you enjoy playing the game more?

IV: Syzygy

We break down the Books of Sorrow, a massive volume of lore from Destiny's latest expansion that explains the origins of Oryx, the Hive, the Ahamkara, and more.Play nice. Take a minute to review our Code of Conduct before submitting your post. Cancel Edit Create Fireteam Post. Destiny Discuss all things Destiny. Forum Sub-Category. Post a Poll. Question Post. Posted by. Destiny 2. Help Forums. Random Sangheili. In the story mission regicide, there are two tall statues that you can scan before you face oryx.

When you scan the left statue, it briefly talked about Crota. BUT when you scan the right one it mentions a new god Nokris.

Is this another brood of Oryx? Crota's sibling? Comment Reply Start Topic. Post History Loading, please wait. This may take some time Shy Awoo Chan. Bet that Eris' queen will play a part later on. It's most likely Oryx's sister.From the starting point of the Dreadnaught Patrol, turn to the left.

Head down the ledges and to the lowest point in that direction. Go over to the bright green light. Approach it and look just to the left of it. In the gap in the wall you will find the Calcified Fragment.

Steer the ship for a while. Take joy in what our needle can do. I know you love to hear and speak new tongues. Come, sit in the flesh garden room. I will read you these stories I bought at Kaharn. Play swords and lanterns with me!

I am almost too old for the mother jelly, and the knights who killed our father are surely dying of age. Taox will outlive us.

xi ro destiny

And Aurash, brilliant-eyed Aurash, you will die of old age long before you have proof of your God-Wave, or any way to stop it. Aurash and Xi Ro looked at each other. And Aurash thought that Sathona had never been wrong. In her soul Aurash knew that the only way to keep their oath was to find a great, powerful secret.

A secret that could change everything. Dive into the Fundament, the world below us Log in Create account Log in. This page was last modified on 2 Octoberat Together with her two siblings, she was a progenitor of the contemporary Hive species and one of its chief gods, having made a pact with the Worms of Fundament.


She is driven to become the mightiest warrior in the universe. After the Hive's conquest of the HarmonyXivu Arath and her Hive left her siblings for deep space, claiming Oryx had grown too powerful for her to accept. She was a member of a short-lived, proto- Hive species called "krill" whose original homeworld had crashed into the gas giant millions of years ago. As a young "krill" she was fascinated by her surroundings, attempting daring feats that would have killed lesser beings; she took six of the stormjoys ' bait-stars because of this.

Above all she wanted to be a warrior, a Knight like her father's warriors. When her father became mad and raved about the Syzygy, and the Helium Drinkers invaded at the urging of TaoxXi Ro used her bait-stars to help her sisters escape and comforted Aurash as they fled their home. Together with her sisters she swore a blood-oath on the mast of their ship, upon her left eye, to avenge their father and kill Taox.

When they salvaged an ancient, high-tech ship from the Shvubi Maelstrom, Xi Ro wanted to sell it to raise an army and kill Taox immediately, but was convinced by Sathona that it was worthless. During their aimless journey at the behest of Sathona who was guided by their father's worm-familiar Xi Ro cleaned up the ship and attempted to take her sisters' minds off their task.

Eventually, when Sathona fretted they would not be able to avenge their father, and Aurash concluded they would have to dive, Xi Ro was initially afraid but understood.

Xi Ro warned them, however, that this was how the crew had died, but Sathona, urged on by the Worm, agreed with Aurash.

xi ro destiny

The sisters took the needle into the deep. They finally reached a point where they could use the ship's sensors on the oceans. To their horror, they discovered that the Syzygy was real, and that Fundament's moons had already aligned. Just then, they were encountered by the Leviathana creature long spoken of in proto-Hive myth. The Leviathan warned the sisters that they needed to turn back, or else would unleash disaster upon the universe, saying that they faced a choice between the Lightwhich offered civilization, and the Darknesswhich offered only violence.

However, the Leviathan offered no hope to the sisters to avoid the Syzygy. Sathona then revealed the Worm's help to her sisters, and how it urged them to go down. Rejecting the Leviathan's entreaties, the sisters dove into the core. The Worm Gods offered the three sisters a chance for the proto-Hive to escape Fundament as well as achieve immortality.

All they had to do was take the Worms larvae into them as symbiotes and spread them among the proto-Hive. The Worms posed the caveat that the sisters must never cease their natures: Xi Ro must always test her strength, Sathona must always be cunning, and Aurash must always try to understand. As Auryx and his sisters forced an ultimatum on the remaining proto-Hive to accept the worms or perish, Auryx turned his attention to Fundament's moons, and the Ammonites there who had allied with the Traveler and gave asylum to Taox.

Rather than dying, Auryx's soul instead passed to his Ascendant realmor throne world, where his soul resided until he returned to the mortal realm. Rebuked, Auryx purged what sympathy and goodwill he had left, becoming a merciless tyrant. He and his sisters warred with and killed one another on a regular basis after the defeat of the Ammonites, as part of their worship of the Sword-Logic and their attempt to become the sharpest blades in the universe, heading to their Ascendant realms when defeated.

Their war of revenge against Taox had transformed into a campaign of genocide, when they slew the Ammonites and other interstellar civilizations to feed their worms. During the war with the EcumeneAuryx came to realize that the Worm had deceived him and his sisters: their Worms appetites were growing past their ability to feed with death. Meeting with his sisters in his ascendant realm, surrounded by their servants some of which despised them for showing weakness they despaired over their dilemma.

When his sisters offered their power to help Auryx find a way to save them, Auryx killed them, then used that power to confront his patron god Akka, the Worm of Secrets. He killed Akka so that he may steal its ability to call upon the Deep and created the Tablets of Ruin, which gave him the power to Take. His transformation complete, Auryx was now Oryx, the Taken King. He then decreed the tithe system: each Hive would kill their enemies, take some to feed their own worm, and tithe the rest to their superior.

Thralls would tithe to Acolytes, Acolytes would tithe to Knights or Wizards, the Knights and Wizards would tithe to the Ascendant Hive, those who commanded legions of warriors and earned the right to enter the Hive gods' Ascendant realms. Following the Golden AmputationOryx declared to his sisters that the Hive had conquered its way to the edge of the Deep, and that it had granted him a personal audience.

On returning, Oryx deceived Xivu Arath and poisoned her own flow of tribute so that she could never try to steal his Tablets again. In the aftermath of this attempted betrayal, one of Oryx's daughters, Ir Halak, visited Xivu Arath's throne world and tested her Deathsong there. All who heard it were irreversibly killed.But now that we have my ship, I must lead the way. I am the navigator. We may never see our homes again.

Xi Ro seethes with hate and fury for Taox. But this is my deepest fear — Our civilization drifts on the Fundament. At the Tungsten Monoliths I learned that thousands of other species drift with us, coexisting on a vast world sea. And the tides of the Fundament move us all.

The Timid Truth says that we are the smallest, most fragile things alive. The natural prey of the universe. Taox would have us believe that our ancestors came to the Fundament to hide from the hungry void. My father died afraid. Not of vile Taox or the Helium Drinkers, but of his orrery. The moons are different! The laws are bent! Imagine the fifty-two moons of Fundament lining up in the sky. But this is my deepest fear.

Imagine their gravity pulling on the Fundament sea, lifting it into a swollen bulge Imagine that bulge collapsing as the syzygy passed. A wave big enough to swallow civilizations.

A God-Wave. I have to find a way to stop it. Before the God-Wave annihilates my species. We are weeks of travel and many continents away from home. She will go off to be alone she insists she must be alone and return with some mad idea — steer into the storm, throw down a net, eat that strange beast, explore that menacing wreck. Somehow Sathona seems to manufacture good luck by sheer will.

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